Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What size FrostGuard should I buy for my vehicle?

A: We recommend using our Sizing Chart for recommendations by vehicle type.  X-Large is only recommended for full-size SUV’s, minivans, and large pickup trucks.  Buying too large a size for your vehicle can result in a loose fit—leading to less protection for your vehicle as it allows for elements such as moisture and wind to come in contact with your windshield. For additional information, view our make/model size list.

Q: How does it fit vehicles of different sizes?

A: The FrostGuard’s Fit-Fast® strap system is a 3-loop elastic attachment that allows for an adjustable fit.  The Fit-Fast system secures the windshield cover to the side-view mirrors on either side of the vehicle.  Our patent pending design will accommodate mirror sizes of both older and newer vehicles, big and small.

Q: What is the difference between the Pro, Signature and Sport Editions?

A: Here is an outline of the feature differences:

  • Signature and Sport have wiper flaps and security panels, PRO does not 
  • Sport also has integrated mirror covers, exclusive to that design 

Q: What is the shipping time?

A: We process orders within 2 business days and typically ship via USPS, which takes 6-8 business days. If you opt for FedEx delivery, orders placed before 10 AM CST will be sent out same day. Otherwise, it will be shipped the next business day. View our shipping commitment. 

Q: What prevents someone from taking it off my car?

A: FrostGuard Signature and NFL Sport Edition have a security panel that shuts in your driver's side door. It's wide enough to deter thieves, thin enough not to disrupt your door seal and with a PVC tube inside that prevents it from being pulled through.

Q: How do I install my FrostGuard?

A: Set-up is simple, and the Fit-Fast loop system helps ensure a snug fit.  Place the appropriate Fit-Fast loop over your passenger side mirror.  Lay the FrostGuard across the windshield, logo facing outward.  Pull the second Fit-Fast loop over the driver’s side mirror.  Center the FrostGuard, smoothing it lightly. You may notice a little bit of exposed windshield—that’s normal.  When it’s time to drive, simply undo the loops to reveal your windshield’s essential viewing area, free of snow and ice.  Reference the attached owner's manuals for model specific variations. 

Q: Can the FrostGuard be used on the back windshield of my vehicle?

A: The product is designed for use on the front windshield only.

Q: Can I leave the FrostGuard on while I run the car via remote start?

A: Yes, this will not damage the FrostGuard.

Q: How do I protect from wind getting underneath my FrostGuard?

A: Always choose the loop pairings that provide the most secure fit against the front of your windshield; the fit should be taught and flat.  This will prevent sudden gusts of wind from getting “underneath” your FrostGuard.

Q: What is the best way to clean my FrostGuard?

A: Spot-clean with mild soap and cold water.

Q: Can the FrostGuard be used as a sunshield? 

A: The FrostGuard is designed to block frost, snow and ice in cold weather.  It should not be used as a sunshade or in extremely hot weather.

FrostGuard Owner's Manuals 

Download owners manuals for all our products below.


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